Harmonographs, linking sight to sound…

…and a DJ set.

A week ago I stumbled across a little book I had received as a gift several years ago which I had forgotten all about. Published by Wooden Books, “Harmonograph – a visual guide to the mathematics of music” by Anthony Ashton is, as London Review of Books wrote, “beautiful”.

The Harmongraph dates back to 1844 and is a simple scientific wooden instrument which draws pictures of musical harmonies, linking sight to sound. These days a quick search on line will provide you with free software to create your own drawings. Below is the original heart drawing I created using Virtual Harmonograph. I then used Photoshop to create the final image above.

Sight and sound indeed. I  find it so interesting how different harmonies in music can evoke different emotions within us. Can drawings from the Harmonograph visually represent these same emotions?

And yes believe it or not the above face is from a Harmonograph (original drawing below). I know I’ve Photoshopped it quite a bit to highlight the face more but none the less I’m finding this very, well, a mix of disturbing and spiritual. Not wanting to sound like a hippy or someone whose taken too many drugs here but WOW, a certain combination of harmonies creates a face! And what a face. Is it a bee, a fish, a rabbit, a cat? It goes on. A generic face with what appears to be a third eye! I’m becoming too transfixed with this image and it’s causing me to think about the universe and creation which is never a good thing for ones constitution unless you’re on a Buddhist retreat somewhere in India or the Himalayas, or Corwen!

Time for some music to go with the images. Here’s a DJ set recorded earlier in the year…

Track List:

Through The Darkness

tales from the backroom

Far away from the charging throngs of the main room lies a small, dark place with a low slung ceiling. Here the BPM is slower, the bass line funkier and the tunes verge on esoteric. They reflect the nature of the space; dirty, sexy, dark. A place and sound not for the masses but for the few who enjoy loosing themselves in the darkness which not only surrounds them but lies within.

Step on into the backroom, find your place on the beat and allow yourself to dance through the darkness.

Track List

  • 00:00 King Unique – 2000000 Suns (KU Heat Death Of The Universe Mix)
  • 15:46 Ryan Davis – The Wolve (Wolf Pack Break Edit)
  • 31:50 dPen – Panselinos (Earth Mix)

Anyone interested in the dance music scene should read this guy’s Blogs. He has hit the nail on the head with some substantial force, raising points not only important to the industry’s development, but it’s survival.

Not Your Jukebox

Clearly my last article (Why old-school DJs are complaining and you should too) struck a nerve. I am glad it did because these are important issues that need to be brought to the public and discussed. Clearly a great many of you agree. A few people didn’t, but based on their arguments it was primarily because they either missed a key point or defaulted to a standard reply. I think it is important to flesh out some of these ideas a little more so the discussion can take a more productive course.

It’s not about hating

Yes, naturally, there are always examples to the contrary and some old-schoolers are in fact hateful and bitter, but by and large there is no real hate or bitterness. Really it is about passion, love, education and a call for people to demand and expect more. There is such a tremendous amount…

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Love Lost

Not long before spring silently thundered down the valley, love lost, and I lost a love as quickly as the snow melted.

Those empty moments were filled with music reflecting how I felt. As the music played the emptiness slowly filled with a beauty.

Each day the heavy bag of sand I carried on my back became lighter as it trickled out of a small tear in the bottom. Slowly I found my place on the beat and was dancing again.

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” -Berthold Auerbach

This is a mix of some the tunes I listened to over that period.

Track List

  • 00:00 Tom Glass – Please, Remain Calm (Original Mix)
  • 02:38 Max Cooper – The End Of Reason (Ambient Rework)
  • 35:09 Justin Oh – Wake Me Up (Original Mix)
  • 52:49 DBN ft. Madita – Asteroidz (Sharam Remix)

A bit of a renaissance…

…along with an introduction.

Who is SofaKingDirty?

I am a DJ and not a producer. Maybe one day I will produce my own music, but for now I will continue to be a curator of fine works of electronic audio art. Each mix I record is a gallery of sound, exhibiting music created by others I have recently found or am listening to at that time. I hang the pieces on the walls using my decks and guide you round with the mixer.

Unlike a physical visual gallery where each work of art stands alone, in this audio space I can layer the pieces over and under each other, two, three or even four at a time. This creates new and momentary works of art stitching the individual pieces together, forming a tapestry of sound wrapped around the inside of the galley for over an hour…(continued)

Step inside my latest exhibition ‘Renaissance’ and let me dance you through some of the finest works of Electronic Dance Music out there at the moment.

Track List

  • 31:26 Guy J – Fixation (Original)